• Angel Love has been described as “a walking repository of financial information”.  In 2009 she received the FINRA Investor Education Foundation Fellowship and secured her Accredited Financial Counselor counseling credential.  She holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Certificate for Financial Planning from Georgetown University. Angel is fearlessly committed to motivating and inspiring individuals to think differently about their personal finances.

    Angel is the author of Raise Your Credit Scores in 10 Easy Steps and What Not to Do When You Win the Lottery from the Create Your Money Series.  She is a firm believer that we create and can control every aspect of our lives… particularly our relationship with MONEY!  Her critically acclaimed books and workshops have been presented internationally and have helped thousands of people break the cycle of debt and start building wealth.  Those who work with Angel universally agree that behind her vibrant personality, is a woman dedicated to helping people learn to use their money to create the lives they’ve always dreamed of.



  • How to Raise Your Credit Score In 10 Easy Steps is the most informative book you will EVER read about credit scores! Angel Love has helped thousands of people all over the country learn real strategies to raise their credit scores. This information is for anyone who wants to understand all aspects of the credit score, from the differences between the various scoring models, to how they're calculated. Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the cost of credit by implementing these practical solutions to managing your personal finances TODAY! 

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  • Winning the lottery is a popular dream in the United States. People spend hours picking numbers and lots of money buying lottery tickets in the hopes that they can one day win the big jackpot and change their lives. If you’ve ever wondered what you would do if you won the lottery then this is the book for you. This book will help you think beyond your current reality and explore the possibilities far before you ever come into a sudden windfall.


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  • "Angel has been a huge influence in my professional and personal life. She has worked tirelessly in designing, developing, and implementing a financial program which has been successful in my transition from 20 years of active federal service as I embark on my next career as a civilian."

    LTC Tony Forbes, USA (Ret.)

  • "I was blessed to have a couple of one on one sessions with her resulting in my personal reassessment to embrace current financial applications for my family. She has a passion for stewardship, highly energetic and her book makes the complex look simple with common sense and practical solutions."

    COL Denise C. McCann, USA (Ret.)

  • "Angel Love is clearly one of the finest financial advisors I have ever consulted throughout my thirty plus years in business. She is articulate, relevant, and knowledgeable far beyond book intelligence or even experiental abilities. She synthesizes ideas, adapts to her audience and presents information in a manner which has you wanting more."

    LTC J. David Thompson, USA (Ret.)

  • The information in this book is excellent and delivered in a way an ordinary person can fully comprehend. I wish this book were around when i purchased my first and second properties years ago. All I needed was this!

    Mrs. Marilyn Joseph-Durant

  • Angel is an exceptional communicator that provided superb financial information, seemingly making the complex look simple and she empowers her students with common sense and practical solutions. She is all about action and not just fluffy talk - a superb teacher and professional coach.

    COL Richard Root, USA (Ret.)

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I learned more in the short time it took to read your book than I knew my whole life. I love the fact that you presented the material in a way that the everyday person could understand.

    Mr. Reginald Smith